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eSHa Minaroll

eSHa Minaroll

Trace elements, Vitamins and Minerals
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 20 ml 4.19 EUR (209.50 €/L) 
 180 ml 37.95 EUR (210.83 €/L) 
 500 ml 82.95 EUR (165.90 €/L) 
 1000 ml 138.90 EUR (138.90 €/L) 

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  • eSHa Minaroll is a unique composition of trace elements, vitamins and minerals. It provides your fish with the quantities they need for a healthy life.
    - Increases resistance against disease.
    - Corrects vitamin deficiencies.
    - Stimulates recovery from illness.
    - Can be used in Tropical, Coldwater and Seawater aquariums.
    - Reduces fish stress.
    eSHa Minaroll is especially good for fish that do not have a natural food supply at their disposal. It also provides additional support for fish undergoing growth spurts, breeding or spawning.

    Dosage eSHa Minaroll:the dosage is different, depending on the indications
    20 ml are sufficient for max. 2000 litres of water.

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    at 27.11.2015:
    I use Minaroll in my fish tank since years and it's one of the best products to add trace elements and vitamines to your water. If you want to use it as prevention or for general health, just use HALF of dosage. :-)