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Preis Discus Minerals

Preis Discus Minerals

Preis Discus Minerals

for the mineralization of osmosis water
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 1000 g 19.69 EUR (19.69 €/kg) 
 6000 g 79.95 EUR (13.33 €/kg) 
 20000 g 235.90 EUR (11.80 €/kg) 

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  • Preis Discus Minerals supplement osmosis water and soft tap water with the required amount of trace elements and minerals to osmosis water. They thus help avoid conditions resulting from insufficient concentrations of these substances, such as fungus-stricken eggs, crippled offspring and darkened colors of your aquarium dwellers.

    Preis Discus Minerals provide an easy professional remedy to mineral deficiencies.

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    at 17.02.2016:
    Die Diskusmineralien sind von höchster Qualität - bin sehr zufrieden.

    at 26.04.2016:

    at 15.04.2017:
    The best minerals for my fish

    at 01.06.2017:
    Sehr gutes aufhärtemineralien löst sich gut auf