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Tropic Marin Re-Mineral Tropic

Tropic Marin Re-Mineral Tropic

Tropic Marin Re-Mineral Tropic

For the adjustment of osmosis water
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 200 g 11.50 EUR (5.75 /100 g) 
 1,8 kg 67.90 EUR (37.72 /kg) 

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  • Essential minerals lost during reverse osmosis and de-ionising water treatments are returned to the water by Tropic Marin Re-Mineral Tropic. It raises and stabilises the carbonate hardness and is also suitable for the preparation of tap water, which is too soft. Tropic Marin Re-Mineral Tropic for freshwater.

    Dosage: 1 dosing spoon (5 g) on 15 litres of water results 7dH total hardness and 4dKH carbonate hardness, depends on the used water


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