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hw ReMineral

hw ReMineral

to re-mineralize reverse osmosis water
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 500 g 8.95 EUR (17.90 €/kg) 
 1000 g 14.29 EUR (14.29 €/kg) 
 5000 g 35.90 EUR (7.18 €/kg) 

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  • hw ReMineral is an optimized combination of mineral salts, carbonate hardness, and overall hardness components, which are based on the natural model of most of the tropical waters. Hw-ReMineral® is extremely pure, absolutely free of phosphates and nitrites, and ensures that no undesired byproducts reach the aquarium water. The use of hw ReMineral not only enriches water with minerals but at the same time also raises the carbonate hardness and overall hardness and thereby increases the buffer capacity of the aquarium water. The pH value is stabilized and the risk of a dangerous pH (acid) crash is reliably avoided.

    hw ReMineral has the optimal composition to create an ideal environment for healthy and biologically balanced aquarium water. The growth of filter bacteria is encouraged, which improves the reduction of harmful substances in the aquarium. Possible deficiency symptoms caused by the exhaustion of minerals, such as the resulting hole-in-head disease, are avoided and healing is brought about. Reverse osmosis water as well as other soft waters are converted into the ideal starter water for properly keeping and breeding all types of freshwater fish. Reverse osmosis water or fully demineralized water treated with hw ReMineral represents an overall ion distribution clearly more in line with nature than ever possible with plain tap water and your freshwater fish will reflect this positive change as well.

    Dosage of hw ReMineral
    Add one measuring spoon (spoon included) on 20 litres of aquarium water. One measuring spoon = approx. 1 g hw ReMineral.

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    at 18.10.2016:
    Ein richtig gutes und bezahlbares Mineral um Osmosewasser in größeren Mengen fischgerecht aufzubereiten. Wenig Trübung und kaum Beläge auf den Blättern der Aquarienpflanzen. Genaue Dosierungsanleitung ist abgedruckt, GH und KH werden wie angegeben erhöht. Der PH-Wert wird stabilisiert, Mineralien und Härtebildner werden dem Wasser zugesetzt