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sera GH/KH-plus USA

sera GH/KH-plus

sera GH/KH-plus

increases simultenously GH and KH
for osmosis & tap water
easy and safe to use
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  • sera GH/KH-plus simultaneously increases the carbonate and total hardness in the warm water aquarium. This way osmosis water or soft tap water can be specifically hardened or the natural consumption of the hardening agents can be balanced. In addition, the values for the care of hardness loving fish species can be adjusted. The precise regulation of these important environmental factors improves the supply of vital minerals such as calcium and magnesium to the aquarium inhabitants and dangerous fluctuations of the pH value are effectively prevented by a sufficiently high KH.

    Application and dosing sera GH/KH-plus
    Add 5 g per 100 l water increases the carbonate hardness by 1┬░ and the total hardness by 0.5┬░. Check the water values before and after the application. It is best to add sera GH/KH-plus already dissolved. Increase the water values slowly and gradually if there are already animals in the tank.

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  • Reviews for sera GH/KH-plus:
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    at 06.04.2021:
    Ein richtig gutes und bezahlbares Mineral um Osmosewasser in gr├Â├čeren Mengen fischgerecht aufzubereiten. Ohne Tr├╝bung und Bel├Ąge auf den Bl├Ąttern der Aquarienpflanzen. Genaue Dosierungsanleitung ist abgedruckt, GH und KH werden wie angegeben erh├Âht. Der PH-Wert wird stabilisiert.
    Ich empfehle es.

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