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Bio filter medium with enourmus surface
from 12.49 €*
Sera Siporax Professional 15 mm
filters even finest particles
from 8.99 €*
Sera Crystal Clear Professional
synthetic filter wool
from 1.49 €*
Sera Filter wool
Bio filter medium for fresh and salt water
from 4.79 €*
Sera Siporax mini Professional

slicate removal in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
8.99 €*
Sera Silicate Clear 500 g
removes algae nutrients, prevents algae
7.89 €*
sera Siporax algovec Professional
removes pollutants, prevents water pollution
7.89 €*
sera Siporax bio active Professional
for phosphate removal
7.79 €*
Sera phosvec granules

prefilter material
2.55 €*
Sera biofibres fine 40 g
prefilter material
from 2.55 €*
Sera biofibres coarse
Filter medium for external and internal filters
4.19 €*
Sera biopur
Absorbs toxic and colouring substances
from 4.69 €*
Sera Super Carbon

for tropical freshwater aquariums
4.69 €*
Sera Super Peat