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biologically Nitrate reduction, reduces alage growth
19.95 €*
JBL BioNitrat Ex
removes phosphate from fresh and sea water
10.99 €*
JBL PhosEx ultra
highly activated filter carbon
9.95 €*
JBL Carbomec activ
activated carbon in pellet form with high absorbtion capacity
13.29 €*
JBL Carbomec ultra

mixture of baked clay beads and special resins
9.30 €*
JBL Clearmec plus
Ceramic Filter Material
6.99 €*
JBL Cermec
the simplest method for reliable biological denitrification
21.80 €*
JBL BioNitratEX
Filter material for the rapid removal of nitrates
10.89 €*
JBL NitratEX

15,000,000 living helpers for the filter
3.59 €*
JBL FilterStart
Optimises the efficiency of the filter
3.59 €*
JBL FilterBoost
Aquarium start-up in only 15 minutes
5.69 €*
JBL StartKit
White Intensive Biofilter Pellets
13.09 €*
JBL Micromec

White Intensive Biofilter Rings
13.09 €*
JBL SintoMec
special filter fleece material
6.79 €*
JBL SymecMicro
prevents diatoms, removes silicate
19.95 €*
JBL SilikatEx rapid
synthetic filter floss
from 2.09 €*
JBL Symec