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Measuring & Computer

6 important water values in 1 minute
15.19 €*
JBL EasyTest 6 in 1
5 tests of the most important water equivalents
from 37.95 €*
JBL Test Combi-Set Plus
feeds automatically up to 2 times daily
19.95 €*
Juwel Automatic Feeder EasyFeed
with aeration system
35.99 €*
EHEIM Automatic Feeder

with 2 feeding chambers
47.55 €*
EHEIM Automatic feeding unit TWIN
Water test by smartphone
from 18.95 €*
JBL ProScan Multi Water-Analysis
aquaristik labor in the comfortable suit-case
89.95 €*
JBL Testlab
professional testlab for sea water aquaria
89.95 €*
JBL Testlab Marin

for automatically regulating of the pH value
255.99 €*
Dennerle pH Controller Evolution DeLuxe
BNC connector, laboratory quality
69.95 €*
Dennerle CO2 pH Electrode
complete kit with calibration fluids
84.90 €*
Dennerle pH Electrode Set
holder for pH electrodes
8.49 €*
Dennerle pH Electrode Holder

water test lab for plant aquariums
89.95 €*
JBL Testlab ProScape
feeds your fish up to 28 days
55.90 €*
Grässlin Rondomatic 400
automatically plant fertilizing
39.95 €*
EHEIM Automatic Fertiliser autoliquid
50 Test strips
9.98 €*
eSHa Aqua-Quick-Test

automatic fish feeder, white
37.95 €*
JBL AutoFood White
automatic fish feeder, black
37.95 €*
JBL AutoFood Black
simply and safely test of the most important water parameters
39.95 €*
JBL Test Combi-Set Marin

easy to use and very exact pH meter
73.90 €*
HANNA pHep Pocket pH Meter
fast and exact pocket conductivity meter
79.90 €*
HANNA DiST 3 pocket Conductivity Meter
for the measuring of the CO2 content
from 11.95 €*
JBL Test Kit CO2 Direct
measuring of the potassium content
from 18.99 €*
JBL Test Kit K -Potassium-

measuring of the Magnesium content
from 18.10 €*
JBL Test Kit Mg -Magnesium Freshwater-
for fresh and sea water
from 7.99 €*
JBL Test Set pH 3.0-10.0
from 9.49 €*
JBL Test Set pH 6.0-7.6
for fresh and sea water
from 10.90 €*
JBL Test Set pH 7.4-9.0

well-designed CO2 permanent test
from 14.79 €*
JBL Permanent Test CO2 plus pH
from 8.15 €*
JBL Test Set GH -total hardness-
from 7.99 €*
JBL Test Set KH -carbonate hardness-
from 13.29 €*
JBL Test Set Ca -calcium-

for fresh and sea water
from 14.24 €*
JBL Test-Set NH4 -ammonium-
for fresh and sea water
from 11.95 €*
JBL Test Set NO² -nitrite-
for fresh and sea water
from 17.85 €*
JBL Test Set NO³ -nitrate-
for fresh and sea water
from 15.95 €*
JBL Test Set Fe -iron-

for fresh and sea water
from 14.99 €*
JBL Test Set Cu -copper-
Magnesium/Calcium test for marine water
from 23.69 €*
JBL Test Set Mg/Ca -magnesium/calcium-
for fresh and sea water
from 13.29 €*
JBL Test Set O² -oxygen-
Phosphate test for fresh- and salt water
from 14.19 €*
JBL Test Set PO4 sensitive -phosphate-

Silicate test for fresh- and saltwater
from 16.69 €*
JBL Test Set SiO² -silicate-
automatic fertilisation for plants
9.98 €*
Dennerle Dosator Plant Fertilizing Automat
digital thermometer for under water
6.49 €*
Aqua Medic T-meter
showing aquarium and ambient temperature
10.50 €*
Aqua Medic T-meter twin

pH 7.4 to 8.6 for Seawater
5.99 €*
Salifert Profi Test pH
for freshwater and seawater
6.79 €*
Salifert Profi Test KH/Alkalinity
for freshwater and seawater
6.59 €*
Salifert Profi Test NO² -Nitrite-

for freshwater and seawater
8.59 €*
Salifert Profi Test NO³ -Nitrate-
for freshwater and seawater
9.69 €*
Salifert Profi Test PO4 -Phosphate-
for freshwater and seawater
8.19 €*
Salifert Profi Test O² -Oxygen-
for freshwater and seawater
7.69 €*
Salifert Profi Test NH4 -Ammonia-

for use in seawater aquaria only
10.79 €*
Salifert Magnesium Test
for use in seawater aquaria only
16.49 €*
Salifert Profi Test I² -Iodine-
for freshwater and seawater
9.39 €*
Salifert Profi Test Cu -Copper-
for use in seawater aquaria only
10.29 €*
Salifert Profi Test Ca -Calcium-

for use in seawater aquaria only
18.29 €*
Salifert Profi Test Sr -Strontium-
for freshwater and seawater
8.90 €*
Salifert Profi Test Si -Silicate-
for use in seawater aquaria only
10.39 €*
Salifert Profi Test B -Boron-
for fresh and marine water
11.49 €*
Salifert Profi-Test Org -Organics-

Watertest laboratory
78.90 €*
Tetra WaterTest Set Plus
27.90 €*
Tetra Test WaterTest Set
exact control of the CO2 content
16.95 €*
Dennerle CO2 Long-Term Test Correct + pH

refill pack for Dennerle CO2 tests
7.60 €*
Dennerle CO2 Special-Indicator + pH
26.75 €*
Söchting Dosator Water Plant Fertilizer
for the Söchting Dosator
from 2.65 €*
Söchting Special Fertilizer
unique triple food protection technology
42.50 €*
Tetra Automatic Feeder myFeeder

Hydrometer for sea water aquaria
7.29 €*
Aqua Medic Salimeter
for exact determining fo the salinity
89.95 €*
Aqua Medic Refractometer
for calibration of refractometers
4.95 €*
Aqua Medic Test Solution for Refractometer 35 ppm
presice digital thermometer with cable sensor
6.29 €*
Tetra TH Digital