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JBL CleroPond

JBL CleroPond

JBL CleroPond

eliminates water discolouration
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 500 ml 12.15 EUR (24.30 €/L) 
 2500 ml 40.32 EUR (16.13 €/L) 

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  • JBL CleroPond is effective by causing the floating particles to clump together into larger groups (coagulate) which then sink to the floor or are removed by the filter. The effectiveness is indicated by the formation of whitish clouds, which disappear again after a few hours. Cloudy particles which have sunk to the floor should be shiponed off (e.g. with a pond siphon) and the filter, is used, should be cleaned more regularly to remove any cloudy particles collected there.

    JBL CleroPond -water clarifier
    + eliminates water discolouration of all kinds
    + results seen immediately

    Application of JBL CleroPond:
    Do not filter through active carbon. Switch off UV-C equipment. Switch off hydrochloric acid dosage equipment, if used. If the KH is below 4 and the pH level is above 8.5, JBL StabiloPond KH must be used the evening before. JBL CleroPond can be safely used the following morning. Never use during the day or in the evening. Dosage: 40 ml to approx. 700-800 l pond water. Mix the amount required in a watering can with pond water and immediately pour evenly over the pond.

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