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Sera Argulol 100 ml

Sera Argulol 100 ml

Sera Argulol 100 ml

against parasitic crustaceans...
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  • Sera Argulol is a very effective remedy for pond fish against parasitic crustaceans: Fish lice (Argulus), anchorworms (Lernaea), parasitic copepods (Ergasilus) and parasitic isopods.

    Until now, combating fish lice and other parasitic crustaceans such as anchorworms (Lernaea) or other copepods (e.g. Ergasilus) was only possible with agents that require a prescription, or which are toxic. The parasites harm the fish not only directly by sucking blood, but also may transfer other pathogens. Now there is a freely available and highly effective treatment – sera med Professional Argulol. It is based on an active agent combination of emamectin benzoate and denatonium benzoate. The treatment with sera Argulol does not only combat the parasites while they are sucking blood, but is also effective against free-swimming crustaceans. The treatment is finished after only 24 hours. Repeating the treatment after 3 weeks is recommended as to combat parasites that have hatched in the meantime. Very convenient for pond keepers: No water change – which always considerably efforts, in particular with large setups – is required after the application of sera Argulol!

    Dosage for sera Argulol:
    Add 5 ml sera Argulol per each 1,000 litres of pond water. Fill a bucket or a watering can with water, dissolve the measured amount of sera Argulol while stirring with a staff, and distribute the mixture evenly in the pond. You may repeat the treatment after 3 weeks as to combat crustacean larvae that have hatched from the eggs in the meantime. Switch off UV lamps for 3 days during the treatment with sera Argulol. Biological filters may remain connected.

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    at 12.02.2016:
    Argulol helped my saltwater fish against lice worms. It's very effective.