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JBL Combi Filter Basket II

JBL Combi Filter Basket II

JBL Combi Filter Basket II

pre-filter replacement kit for CP
 for e401/e701/e901 10.59 EUR 
 for e1501/e1901 13.29 EUR 

Price including german VAT plus shipping costs

  • With the approximately 100% larger pre-filter surface of the JBL Combi Filter Basket II this replacement kit can even be used with older filter models.

    JBL Combi Filter Basket II
    + optimised top filter basket with 100% more pre-filter surface including filter material
    + remove previous filter basket and insert new filter basket
    + optimises pre-filtering with JBL CristalProfi e 401, 701, 901, 1501 and 1901, which then are technically identical with JBL 402, 702 etc.
    + cleverly designed two-part filter basket
    + lower removable part contains post-filtering with 35 ppi (fine)
    + upper filter basket contains one-piece pre-filter mat with 100 % more surface and 15 ppi pore size
    + package contents: 2-part filter basket (separable through clip) with fine filter mat and coarse filter mat

    + suitable for CristalProfi e401, e701, e901
    + suitable for CristalProfi e1501, e1901

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    at 23.05.2017:
    I have adapted my filters jbl 1901 with these baskets and I have achieved more filtration compared to the previous system. Worth it !!