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Schego Frost Monitor

Schego Frost Monitor

Schego Frost Monitor

controls the pond temperature
 up to 300 W 49.90 EUR 
 up to 600 W 58.90 EUR 

Price including german VAT plus shipping costs

  • The Schego Frost Monitor will activate a connected device (Schego Pond heater, air or water pumps etc.) as soon as the temperature falls to approx. 0°C or and will switch it off again when the temperature rises above freezing point.

    Do you know that?! Sudden cold snap or long-lasting temperatures below zero – and this too while you are away! This frequently means losing fish in your garden pond or plants in your greenhouse. In the worst case there is even expensive damage to water and central heating pipes in camper vans or in the garden shed. The Schego frost monitor prevents this frost damage and at around 0°C it switches on a connected appliance, such as a pond heater, a water pump or a heater, etc. Once the frost period has passed, the frost monitor switches this appliance off again. Unnecessary power consumption is thus avoided – to the benefit of the environment and your purse.

    technical Data Schego Frost Monitor:
    Model 300:
    Connected load: max. 300 W
    Fuse: 1.6A
    Sensor cable length: 5 m
    Earth rod for outside positioning

    Model 600:
    Connected load: max. 600 W
    Fuse: 2.5A
    Sensor cable length: 5 m
    Earth rod for outside positioning

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