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Tropic Marin Pro-Reef Sea salt

Tropic Marin Pro-Reef Sea salt

Tropic Marin Pro-Reef Sea salt

Sea salt for reef aquaria
Price  (basis price) 
 4 kg for 120 l 15.50 EUR (3.88 €/kg) 
 10 kg for 300 l 35.90 EUR (3.59 €/kg) 
 20 kg for 600 l 61.90 EUR (3.10 €/kg) 
 25 kg for 750 l 75.90 EUR (3.04 €/kg) 

Price including german VAT plus shipping costs

  • This new sea salt, Tropic Marin Pro-Reef is adjusted to the specific requirements of modern reef tanks: optimized calcium and magnesium concentrations promote coral growth and ease the care of even very sensitive hard corals. With Tropic Marin Pro-Reef, the buffering system and pH-level have been especially adapted to stabilize the natural water conditions and to accommodate the use of calcium supplements or calcium reactors. Tropic Marin Pro-reef was tested successfully in our in-house research facility and also in the aquaria of advanced reef hobbyists. It forms the ideal biosphere for delicate invertebrates, especially hard corals.

    Tropic Marin Pro-Reef is produced under the same principles of highest quality as the proven Tropic Marin sea salt. Manufactured from pure, pharmaceutical grade salts, free from nitrates, phosphates and other unwanted chemicals. Contains all major and all 70 trace elements in the exact proportions found in tropical sea water. Production under scientific supervision in the most modern facilities designed for the preparation of high-purity pharmaceuticals.

    Available in the following sizes:
    4 kg for 120 l of water
    10 kg for 300 l of water
    20 kg for 600 l of water
    25 kg for 750 l of water

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  • Reviews for Tropic Marin Pro-Reef Sea salt:
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    at 29.12.2015:
    Wir haben den 20 kg Eimer bestellt, ich bin froh, wenn er leerer wird. ;o)

    Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Produkt, das Salz löst sich sehr gut auf.
    Korallen sehen auch sehr gut aus, die Wasserwerte sind stabil.