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Red Sea Salt

Red Sea Salt

Red Sea Salt

natural premium sea salt
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 2 kg for 60 l 8.69 EUR (4.35 €/kg) 
 4 kg for 120 l 14.39 EUR (3.60 €/kg) 
 7 kg for 210 l 24.79 EUR (3.54 €/kg) 
 22 kg for 660 l 69.99 EUR (3.18 €/kg) 

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  • Red Sea Salt is a premium sea salt formula, based on natural salt harvested by solar evaporation of the waters of the exotic Red Sea. It is enriched with other refined minerlas to faithfully replicate natural seawater for your aquarium. Used for over 10 years by hobbyists and professionals, Red Sea salt has become famous for ist favorable effect on invertebrates. For best results replace 25% of your aquarium water each month.

    Red Sea Salt:
    + a single, chemically balanced formula to support the most delicate marine life
    + suitable for marine fish and invertebrates from every sea and ocean
    + reaches a stable, natural pH shortly after mixing
    + no nitrates or phosphates
    + produced by a small batch process to ensure homogeneity of salt mixture
    + every batch is biologically and chemically tested for quality control
    + suitable for a small water change or a complete new aquarium set-up
    + can be mixed to any desired salinity

    1 kg dissolved in 30 litres of Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) water at 25°C will produce a seawater solution as follows: Specific gravity 1.021 pH 8.4 (after 2 hrs mixing or aerating) Alkalinity 2.2-2.5 milliequivalents/liter.

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    at 14.04.2016:
    Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Qualität des Salzes, es löst sich schnell auf und es bleiben keine Rückstände oder Salzklumpen zurück. Die Korallen stehen gut da. Eine gute Alternative zum "Pro" Salz von Red Sea.