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Tetra PlantaPro

Tetra PlantaPro

Tetra PlantaPro

weekly water plant fertilizer
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 250 ml 9.90 EUR (3.96 €/100 ml) 

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  • Tetra PlantPro is a weekly full aquarium plant fertilizer. Tetra PlantaPro specifically adds quickly consumed trace elements and vitamins in a form ready accessible for plants.

    this is how Tetra PlantPro works:
    + For a healthy and lush plant growth
    + Promotes beautiful green leaves
    + Prevents deficiencies of vital substances
    + Vigorous plant growth is the best algae prevention
    + For the absorption of nutrients through the leaves
    + No water pollution as free of phosphate and nitrate
    + For all freshwater aquariums
    + Dosage: add 2.5ml per 20 litres of aquarium water every week.

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    at 11.04.2016:
    Ich benutze das Produkt nun schon über mehrere Wochen und bin sehr zufrieden. Pfanzenwuchs und Farben der Pflanzen sind seitdem spürbar intensiver geworden. Super Produkt.