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sera LED Digital Dimmer

sera LED Digital Dimmer

sera LED Digital Dimmer

individually programmable LED dimmer
  42.95 EUR 

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  • The sera LED Digital Dimmer is a controller for programming sera LED lighting appliances such as the sera LED X-Change Tubes, sera LED aquaria and the sera LED lights. You can adjust maximum brightness and use the dimmer as a time clock. In Combination with the sera LED X-Change sunrise Tubes sunrise and sunset can be simulated. The sera LED Digital Dimmer allows operating one or more sera LED X-Change Tubes (also different lengths) up to a total of 60W/3A. If you want to connect more than one tube, please use the optionally sera LED Triple Cable. The programming of the sera Digital Dimmer is very simple and easy. There are different setting options possible.

    sera LED Digital Dimmer
    + individually programmable LED controller
    + simulates sunrise and sunset
    + cloud scenarios
    + optimal for sera LED X-Change Tubes, sera LED lamps and sera LED aquariums
    + incl. Srew holder

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    at 28.12.2015:
    Simple and easy to use. With the sera LED X-Change Tube daylight sunrise lamps you have a beatifull sunset effect. I did not try it with multiple led tubes but it is possible to do so.

    at 25.02.2017:
    I really like these new products from Sera. I bought myself 3 tubes and a controller. Hooked it all up with the triple cable, set the timer on the controller and setup was complete in just 5 minutes. Led lighting with sunrise/sunset effects dosn`t get any easier than that.

    Definetly using these again when I get around to swapping out my tubes on the other tanks I got at home.