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sera LED X-Change Tube marine blue sunrise

sera LED X-Change Tube marine blue sunrise

sera LED X-Change Tube marine blue sunrise

blue reef light, enhances fluorescence effects
 marine blue sunrise 360 27.95 EUR 
 marine blue sunrise 520 36.95 EUR 
 marine blue sunrise 660 48.95 EUR 
 marine blue sunrise 820 53.95 EUR 
 marine blue sunrise 965 62.95 EUR 
 marine blue sunrise 1120 67.95 EUR 

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  • sera LED X-Change Tube marine blue sunrise
    The blue, actinic light is ideal for providing endosymbiotic algae in soft and stony corals as well as other invertebrates. Since the emitted blue spectrum of the LEDs has been expanded by using two different blue LEDs, the relevant light wavelengths for photo synthesis are being provided. It can also be used as additional light in Lake Malawi aquariums for color enhancement and increasing a depth effect, and also as a moonlight. The preferable combination is with LED X-Change neutral brilliant white or LED X-Change daylight sunrise.

    + blue reef light
    + approx. 18,000 to 22,000 K depending on the dimming state
    + enhances fluorescence effects in marine aquariums
    + suitable as additional lighting in Lake Malawi aquariums or as moon light
    + enables sunrise and sunset scenario in combination with the LED Dimmer
    + can be installed in existing T5 and T8 lighting units
    + safe up to 64% energy costs
    + 20V low voltage
    + long lifetime, approx. 30,000 hours
    + excellent light quality

    sera LED X-Change marine blue sunrise 360: length: 360 mm, replaces 15 W T8 tubes und 24 W T5 tubes, Lumen: 104, power consumption: 8.6 W
    sera LED X-Change marine blue sunrise 520: length: 520 mm, replaces 18 W T8 tubes und 28 W T5 tubes, Lumen: 160, power consumption: 13 W
    sera LED X-Change marine blue sunrise 660: length: 660 mm, replaces 25 W T8 tubes und 35 W T5 tubes, Lumen: 172, power consumption: 14 W
    sera LED X-Change marine blue sunrise 820: length: 820 mm, replaces 30 W T8 tubes und 45 W, 39 W T5 tubes, Lumen: 207, power consumption: 16 W
    sera LED X-Change daylight sunrise 965: length: 965 mm, replaces 38 W T8 tubes und 54 W T5 tubes (104.7 cm), Lumen: 245, power consumption: 20 W
    sera LED X-Change daylight sunrise 1120: length: 1120 mm, replaces 36 W T8 tubes und 54 W T5 tubes (120 cm), Lumen: 289, power consumption: 24 W

    The new sera LED X-Change System allows for easy conversion from fluorescent tubes to modern low voltage LED aquarium lighting. Not only saving energy costs, excellent light quality and longevity are arguments for the enviromentally friendlier light source, but the sera LED X-Change System even allows changing light scenarios in an uncomplicated way. Combination with the sera LED Digital Dimmer does not only generate a difference in brightness, but also allows for a sunrise and sunset scenario by shifting the light color towards red light components.

    The sera LED X-Change Tubes can be installed into the existing fixtures of the previously used fluorescent tube using an separate available adaptor for T5 or T8. The T5 or T8 fixtures are disconnected for this purpose and only serve for keeping the tube in place. Power supply is achieved via a low voltage cable and a 20 V ballast (the ballast is not included). Several sera LED X-Change tubes can be interconnected via the sera LED Triple Cable and a ballast (take care of the total amperage!). It is of course also possible to install the waterproof sera LED X-Change Tubes individually.

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    sera LED Digital Dimmer42.95 €
    sera LED Triple Cable4.39 €
    sera LED Extension Cable4.39 €
    sera LED Power Supply16.95 * 21.95 * 25.95 €
    sera LED Driver -Power supply-24.95 * 34.95 * 38.95 €
    sera LED fixture 80045.95 * 45.95 €
    sera LED fixture 100055.95 * 55.95 €
    sera LED fixture 120065.95 * 65.95 €
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    at 22.08.2016:
    High efficiency led bar, not too bright due to the blueish colour marginally visible to human eye but useful in a marine environment. Overall quality of the bar is very good.