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Tetra LightWave Single Light USA

Tetra LightWave Single Lamp enhances aquarium lighting with high lumen output, LED spectrum for plant growth, and easy mounting options.

Tetra LightWave Single Light

Tetra LightWave Single Light

single luminaire for extending lighting
no additional or larger power supply
ready to connect
✔ in stock, delivery until 20.06. - 24.06.
 Single-Light 270 14.85 EUR 
 Single-Light 430 19.85 EUR 
 Single-Light 520 24.85 EUR 
 Single-Light 720 29.85 EUR 
 Single-Light 830 39.85 EUR 
 Single-Light 990 44.85 EUR 
 Single-Light 1140 49.85 EUR 

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  • The Tetra LightWave Single Lamp allows you to add a second lamp to the Tetra LightWave Set for optimum illumination of larger and deeper aquariums. All you need is the Tetra LightWave Splitter. The power supply of the Tetra LightWave complete set is already designed to operate a second LED of the same length and power. The high lumen output of the LED makes your aquarium shine with brilliant and natural daylight. In addition, the light spectrum of the lamp stimulates the formation of chlorophyll, which promotes the growth of aquarium plants. Good plant growth is still the best precaution against increased algae growth. In addition to the LED, the kit includes various mounting solutions such as adapters for T5 and T8 fluorescent bulbs, suction cups for glass pane mounting, and clips and screws for mounting the LED in a hood. The Tetra LightWave Timer is optionally available to control the LED with different lighting scenarios such as sunrise and sunset, cloud cover, thunderstorms, etc. The Tetra LightWave LED can also be operated without a control unit, using a timer instead. The LED will then always light up at full power.

    Tetra LightWave Single Light
    + aquarium lighting for easy conversion to modern and environmentally friendlyenvironmentally friendly LED technolo
    + easy conversion of T5/T8 lighting through various adapters
    + can be extended continuously by up to 6 cm with T5/T8 adapter
    + high lumen output for natural and brilliant daylight
    + colour spectrum of the LED favours the growth of aquarium plants
    + operating time of around 30,000 hours and therefore particularly sustainable
    + singe light for connecting to the power supply of an existing Tetra LightWave Complete Set
    + Tetra LightWave Timer allows individual control of the light includingvarious lighting scenar
    + 2-year warray

    Tetra LightWave Single Light 270
    length with adaptors: 270-350 mm
    length without adaptors: 205 mm
    power consumption: 6.3 W
    lumens: 661
    coloure temperature: 6478 K
    beam angle: 99.5°

    Tetra Light Wave Single Light 430
    length with adaptors: 430-510 mm
    length without adaptors: 365 mm
    power consumption: 12 W
    lumens: 1234
    coloure temperature: 6612 K
    beam angle: 99.2°

    Tetra LightWave Single Light 520
    length with adaptors: 520-600 mm
    length without adaptors: 455 mm
    power consumption: 14.2 W
    lumens: 1460
    coloure temperature: 6526 K
    beam angle: 99.2°

    Tetra LightWave Single Light 720
    length with adaptors: 720-800 mm
    length without adaptors: 660 mm
    power consumption: 19.4 W
    lumens: 1975
    coloure temperature: 6566 K
    beam angle: 100.5°

    Tetra LightWave Single Light 830
    length with adaptors: 830-900 mm
    length without adaptors: 765 mm
    power consumption: 21 W
    lumens: 2544
    coloure temperature: 6582 K
    beam angle: 102°

    Tetra LightWave Single Light 990
    length with adaptors: 990-1070 mm
    length without adaptors: 925 mm
    power consumption: 23.4 W
    lumens: 2870
    coloure temperature: 6570 K
    beam angle: 98.3°

    Tetra LightWave Single Light 1140
    length with adaptors: 1140-1220 mm
    length without adaptors: 1075 mm
    power consumption: 28.4 W
    lumens: 3460
    coloure temperature: 6654 K
    beam angle: 97.3°

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