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Fluorescent Tubes


Dennerle T8


Dennerle T8 TROCAL-de Luxe Amazon-Day USA

The right light spectrum is crucial for aquarium plants to grow without encouraging algae growth unnecessarily in the tank.

Dennerle T8 TROCAL-de Luxe Amazon-Day

Dennerle T8 TROCAL-de Luxe Amazon-Day

6000 K, fresh, vivid light
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 30 W 24.59 EUR 

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  • Dennerle T8 TROCAL-de Luxe Amazon-Day:
    + visual colour effect: Corresponds roughly to the natural light at around 12 noon on a summers day
    + rich red, plants are a lush green and the water appears fresh and clear
    + colour rendition: Excellent
    + state-of-the-art lamp technology - New generation - ALON C Longlife technology
    + extra-long service life: over 15,000 lighting hours
    + with TROCAL Color Peaks: Fish are lit up in their most beautiful colours - Ideal growing light for plants
    + light spectrum with -algae gaps-
    + with UV STOP protective foil: Anti-algae effect
    + the foil also provides effective protection against glass splinters in the event of lamp breakage
    + activates chlorophyll synthesis
    + high luminous efficiency = low electricity costs
    + combinable with all other Dennerle TROCAL bulbs

    The lighting does not serve merely to provide a clearer view into an aquarium. The right light is crucial to photosynthesis - and thus to plant growth. But how to provide ideal light conditions for the plants without encouraging algae growth unnecessarily? The answer lies in the spectrum of light colours: In order to flourish, aquarium plants need plenty of light from the red colour range, with only a minimal blue component and minimal or no UV radiation. Algae, on the other hand, thrive above all in blue light and a high UV component. Algae have lived in water throughout their entire evolutionary process, during which they have been exposed for the most part to strong, direct sunlight and ultra-violet light. Most aquarium plants, however, originated from tropical forests. They have thus adapted to the light conditions in the shade of dense tree populations. UV light and light in the blue range is filtered by natural means here.

    Dennerle TROCAL fluorescent tubes have a useful life of 10,000 to 15,000 lighting hours, corresponding to a service life of up to 3 years. This means there is no need to replace them after 12 months.

    15 W = 438 mm
    18 W = 590 mm
    30 W = 895 mm
    36 W = 1200 mm
    38 W = 1047 mm
    58 W = 1500 mm

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  • Reviews for Dennerle T8 TROCAL-de Luxe Amazon-Day:
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    at 23.01.2021:
    Teuer, aber sehr gute Qualität.

    at 21.12.2015:
    Gibt helles, natürliches und angenehmes Licht. Die Pflanzen wachsen sehr gut und die Farben der Fische werden schön natürlich wiedergegeben.

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