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Arcadia high polish reflektor T5

Arcadia high polish reflektor T5
 24 W 8.49 EUR 
 39 W 9.95 EUR 
 54 W 11.95 EUR 
 80 W 12.49 EUR 

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  • Arcadia aluminium high polish reflektors for the new T5 fluorescent tubes (16 mm). Double the Light Output Increases light output by over 100%. The reflector can be angled to direct the light into the Aquarium or Terrarium. Easy to clean, corrosion resistant. One piece in the package. Please choose the right one.

    Available for the following fluorescent lamps:
    24 watt
    39 watt
    54 watt
    80 watt

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    at 15.05.2016:
    Отличный отражатель! видел у товарища! хочу такой же