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Aqua Light Aluminium Double Light Bar T5

Aqua Light Aluminium Double Light Bar T5

Aqua Light Aluminium Double Light Bar T5

aquarium built-in lamp T5, different lengths
 2x 24 W 75.95 EUR 
 2x 39 W 75.95 EUR 
 2x 54 W 85.95 EUR 
 2x 80 W 95.95 EUR 

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  • Modern T5 aquarium double light bar with electronically ballast (not dimmable) for two fluorescent lamps with 16 mm diameter (T5 technic) for aquarium covers, as replacement lamp or for increasing the lightingt of your aqaurium.

    Aqua Light Aquarium Double Light Bar T5
    + for two fluorescent lamps T5 (16 mm)
    + aluminium housing, holder on both sides
    + splash water proof IP 67
    + with modern electronically ballast, flicker-free, without starter
    + dimensions profile: 27x43 mm
    + lamp width: 31.5 cm
    + lamp height: 5 cm
    + without tubes
    + available in different lengths/wattages:

    2x 24 W, length: 63.5 cm
    2x 39 W, length: 92.5 cm
    2x 54 W, length: 122.5 cm
    2x 80 W, length: 152.5 cm

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