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Sylvania T5


Sylvania Marinestar T5

Sylvania Marinestar T5

Sylvania Marinestar T5

Power tube for marine water
 24 W 9.99 EUR 
 39 W 14.99 EUR 
 54 W 15.99 EUR 
 80 W 16.99 EUR 

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  • Sylvania Marinestar is the best lamp for marine water aquaria. The Marinestar promotes the growth of coral and invertebrates.

    + Ideal lamp for marine lighting.
    + High colour rendering of the marine aquatic environment
    + High colour temperature: 15000K
    + Reproduces light conditions found at coral reefs through radiation in the 420-510 nm wavelength
    + Promotes the growth of coral and invertebrates by supporting the growth of zooxanthellae
    + Much bright light output than Coralstar and less blue
    + Lighting of marine water aquaria

    the Sylvania Marinestar T5 is available in the follwoing wattages:
    24 W, length: 549 mm, d: 16 mm, Luminous flux: 1300 lm
    39 W, length: 849 mm, d: 16 mm, Luminous flux: 2280 lm
    54 W, length: 1149 mm, d: 16 mm, Luminous flux: 3200 lm
    80 W, length: 1449 mm, d: 16 mm, Luminous flus: 4550 lm

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