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Sylvania T5


Sylvania Coralstar T5

Sylvania Coralstar T5

Sylvania Coralstar T5

improves the growth of corals
 24 W 14.89 EUR 
 39 W 15.99 EUR 
 54 W 17.29 EUR 

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  • The Sylvania Coralstar T5 reproduces light conditions on coral reefs by actinic blue light. This lamp promotes the growth of corals and invertebrates by supporting the growth of zooxanthellae algae. The Sylvania Coralstar T5 lamp simulate coral reef natural lighting at 6-10m tank depth and support coral growth in marine water aquariums. See coral in its true colour(s). This is the ideal lamp for all reef aquariums. This fluorescent tube can only be use in special T5 lamps with 16 mm diameter sockets.

    Sylvania Coralstar T5:
    + Reproduces light conditions found at coral reefs through actinic blue light
    + Promotes the growth of coral and invertebrates by supporting the growth of zooxanthellae
    + See coral in its true colour(s)
    + T5 - FHO: high output and lumen per watt in comparison to T8 versions
    + 50% more light output in comparison to the same length in T8.
    + Ideal for the new generation of aquaria with T5 lamps, but in the length of T8 lamps.
    + The ideal fit of the lamps in the aquarium results in a perfect illumination of the aquarium
    + Lighting to promote growth of coral and invertebrates in marine water aquariums

    the Sylvania Coralstar T5 bulb is available in the follwoing wattages:
    24 W, length: 549 mm, d: 16 mm
    39 W, length: 849 mm, d: 16 mm
    54 W, length: 1149 mm, d: 16 mm

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