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Sylvania Daylightstar UV-Stop

Sylvania Daylightstar UV-Stop

Sylvania Daylightstar UV-Stop

Limits algae growth
 15 W 15.25 EUR 
 18 W 15.39 EUR 
 30 W 19.95 EUR 
 36 W 20.95 EUR 

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  • The Sylvania Daylightstar is a fluorescent lamp for use in freshwater aquariums. See fish and plants in fresh water aquariums in their natural colours with this 5000 K triphosphor full spectrum daylight tube (high colour rendition). The Sylvania Daylightstar limits algae growth through a UV-STOP plastic sleeve. Allows fish and plants to be seen in their true colours. Colour Rendering Index Group: 1B, Colour Temperature: 5000 K

    Sylvania Daylightstar:
    + Reduces algae growth through a special UV-STOP protective sleeve
    + Allows fish and plants to be seen in their true colours (high colour rendition)
    + 5000K triphosphor lamp with a daylight character
    + High colour rendition
    + Long life
    + For use in fresh water aquariums
    + In combination with Sylvania Grolux it produces a well balanced and optimal aquarium life

    the Sylvania Coralstar bulb is available in the follwoing wattages:
    15 W, length: 438 mm, d: 26 mm, Lumen: 900
    18 W, length: 590 mm, d: 26 mm, Lumen: 1300
    30 W, length: 895 mm, d: 26 mm, Lumen: 2300
    36 W, length: 1200 mm, d: 26 mm, Lumen: 3250

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