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Arcadia Natural Sunlight

Arcadia Natural Sunlight

Arcadia Natural Sunlight

supplies a warm, balanced light
 8 W 10.95 EUR 
 15 W 11.95 EUR 
 18 W 11.95 EUR 
 30 W 12.95 EUR 
 36 W 15.95 EUR 

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  • Arcadia Natural Sunlight is a new, full-spectral fluorescent tube for terraria or vivaria, in order to simulate the spectrum of the natural sunlight both in the UV areas and in the visible color gamuts as in a true-to-life manner as possible. It supplies a warm, balanced light and offers a outstanding color reproduction. Arcadia Naturla Sunlight is designed to give a warm natural balance and excellent colour rendition with an optimum light output and a colour temperature close to that of natural sunlight at 5,600K.

    Arcadia Natural Sunlight:
    8 W, length= 290 mm, d= 16 mm
    15 W, length= 450 mm d= 26 mm
    18 W, length= 600 mm d= 26 mm
    30 W, length= 900 mm d= 26 mm
    36 W, length= 1200 mm d= 26 mm

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