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Dennerle Bodenfluter 24 V

Dennerle Bodenfluter 24 V

Dennerle Bodenfluter 24 V

Bed heater for aquaria
 75 W 109.90 EUR 

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  • The Dennerle Bodenfluter (ground heater) produce a slow, thermal water circulation in the aquarium ground. The optimal nutrition provides the best conditions for magnificent vegetation. The ground floor will become a huge bio-filter. The gentle heat will activate the growth of the plants roots. Dennerle Bodenfluter cables have been established for many years now as an effective means of bed heating. These are flexible, silicone-sheathed heating cables running on 24 V safety extra-low voltage. The transformer is included in the scope of delivery. The cables are fixed in position by means of suction clips (not included). When a Bodenfluter system is running continously, it is able to raise the water temperature by 1-4 C above from the room temperature. The extent wo which the temperature is increased is dependent on various factors, such as the size and shape of the aquarium, the wattage of the ground heater, room temperature, water movement and the type of aquarium cover. Should the water temperature rise above the desired temperature, the Bodenfluter system can be activated a appropriate intervals by means of a time switch.

    The Dennerle Thermo-Control Bodenfluter is available in the following versions:

    - 25 W heating power, for aquaria 120 - 250 litres, heating cable 4 m
    - 75 W heating power, for aquaria 450 - 650 litres, heating cable 7.5 m

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    at 03.12.2015:
    Very useful device. A more reliable than the release on 12v