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EHEIM Automatic feeding unit TWIN

EHEIM Automatic feeding unit TWIN

  • The new EHEIM automatic feeding unit TWIN has two separately feeding cahmbers which can be programmed individually. Each feeding chamber has a volume of 80 cm³. All kinds of food can be use e.g. flakes, granules, pellets, sticks or natural food like daphnia, red worms or brine shrimps. Each feeding chamber can be programmed separately by the integrated electronically controller. Therefore two types of food can be given at the different or at the same time, providing the best possible feeding for all types of fish and all areas of the aquarium. The EHEIM Automatic feeder TWIN is aerated to prevent food sticking. The random feed function replicates natural feeding. With this function, the feeder sets the time for feeding individually. In the large display all actions of the unit will be showen.

    Technical data EHEIM Automatic feeding untit TWIN:
    - 2 separately controlled feeding chambers
    - volume: 80 cm ³ each chamber
    - setting time and feed quantity for each chamber individually
    - integrated aeration
    - batterie operation with four LR6 AA (included)
    - Dimensions: (width x height x depth) 75 x 110 x 116 mm

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  • Reviews for EHEIM Automatic feeding unit TWIN:
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    at 05.09.2015:
    Das Gerät ist super, vorallem weil man eben zwei Kammern statt nur einer hat. Das Futter bleibt trocken und verklebt nicht. Ich würde es wieder kaufen.

    at 05.09.2015:
    Ich hatte vorher den einfach Automaten von EHEIM. Der hier ist besser und sieht auch schicker aus. Ist den Fischen zwar egal, aber mir nicht :-)