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EHEIM Surface suction extractor

EHEIM Surface suction extractor

  • The EHEIM Surface suction extractor skims off the protein layer which forms on the water surface, improving oxygen exchange. The EHEIM Surface suction extractor prevents undesirable biological process on the water surface. It hence optimum exchange of oxygen. Therefore light enters unimpeded for better water plant growth. The EHEIM Surface suction extractor is suitable for all aquarium sizes. It is possible to shut off the Surface suction extractor during feeding the fish.

    Suitable for all external aquarium filters with standard hose 12/16 mm (inner/outer diameter). For operation with all other external filters, which have a suction hose greater than 12/16 mm, you need a connecting piece. A distance spacer is available for bridging large aquarium frames (take a look at accessories).

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  • Accessories for this article:

    -EHEIM distance spacer

    Please click the description in the table, or the number in the picture for selecting a spare part.
    EHEIM Suction cup with clip 12/16 EHEIM Suction cup with clip 16/22 EHEIM Tubing EHEIM Pipe EHEIM Locking device EHEIM Lug set for 3535 EHEIM Tubing set complete EHEIM Valve complete EHEIM Bottom inlet EHEIM Intake float complete 3535 Repair Parts EHEIM Surface extractor
  • Reviews for EHEIM Surface suction extractor:
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    at 18.05.2016:
    Quite an expensive piece of equipment for pretty poor results from my experience. Suction is very low on this and I have found that it doesn't perform well on my 400l aquarium. This piece uses the suction return from a canister filter (my filter is Eheim Pro3e). I have found the suction to be poor on this surface extractor. It seemed to just gather algae in my setup so I removed it. Not recommend, poor overall performance for price point. Look for alternatives.

    at 26.06.2016:
    Mine works with my Eheim 2080 pump but you have to be sure that the pump's return pipe is working well otherwise the suction will be poor.
    If you don't stop your pump during the feeding, take care to look at the 2 succion pipes of this item as they can "eat" the flakes and sticks and that can stop the suction and you will have to clean them.
    Even with those drawbacks, it's the only automatic way to clean the water surface, it's important for the tank oxigenation.