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EHEIM Surface Skimmer skim 350

EHEIM Surface Skimmer skim 350

  • EHEIM skim 350 is a mobile, compact surface skimmer with pump for aquaria up to 350 litres. In almost any aquarium a film of including microorganisms, dust, oils and food fats forms over time – the mould film. With the EHEIM skim 350 surface skimmer, you can efficiently eliminate this mould film and have a glass clear water surface and high oxygenation. The EHEIM skim350, although designed for constant use is also suitable for short term use. If using alternately in several aquariums, please make sure that algae spores or diseases are not transmitted from one to the other. The bacteria and dirt particles which are sucked in are collected in the filter sponge. This should be simply taken out and thoroughly cleaned after each use.

    + small surface skimmer for aquariums up to 350 l
    + removes surface films and microorganisms from the water surface
    + promotes therefore proper gas exchange
    + for both long term and temporary usage
    + quick installation - easy to fix
    + to the pane via suction cups
    + only 5 Watt power consumption

    technical data EHEIM skim 350:
    for fresh and marine water aquariums
    dimensios: width: 40,50 mm, height: 132,00 mm, depth: 54,00 mm
    hose Ø pressure side: 13,00 mm
    230 V/50 Hz, 5 W
    pump output: 300 l/h, adjustable

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    Here you can order spare parts for your EHEIM Surface Skimmer Skim 350. Please click the description in the table, or the number in the picture for selecting a spare part.
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  • Reviews for EHEIM Surface Skimmer skim 350:
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    at 14.12.2015:
    werkt perfekt om een kaamlaag te verwijderen

    at 16.05.2016:
    Works perfect. I use it with the EHEIM professionel 4+ 600 in a 400l tank. I highly recommend these both filters.

    at 31.08.2016:
    Eine prima Alternative zu einer Strömungspumpe. Hat bei mir die Probleme mit der Kahmhaut beseitigt und sorgt für eine gleichmäßig saubere Wasseroberfläche. Allerdings sollte man den Absauger für die Fütterung abschalten, da sonst das Trockenfutter relativ schnell abgesaugt wird und schneller den kleinen Schaumstoff-Filter verstopft.

    at 13.03.2017:
    Работает отлично. Я использую его в моем аквариуме 120L. Нет мусор и водорослей на верхнем уровне воды.

    at 19.04.2017:
    looking for a skimmer that says what it does on the pack. Then buy Eheim. It does what it says - super silent (occassional air bubbles but thats good at night)