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OFA Surface Suction Extractor

OFA Surface Suction Extractor

OFA Surface Suction Extractor

for all suction filters from 50 - 1500 l/h
 OFA Standard 9.99 EUR 
 OFA Komfort 15.95 EUR 
 OFA Teleskop 28.95 EUR 
 OFA Komfort long 23.95 EUR 

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  • The OFA water surface extractor is a very effective appliance to be used in any marine and freshwater tank. The appliance makes the water clear and with low surface tension. This enables a free gas exchange. As in the nature, the balance of gases is achieved. The biochemical oxygen demand in the tank is met and the bacterial filter structure assists the ideal oxidation of organic substances. The lifetime of the filter is doubled and the sedimentation of mull is avoided. The open, low-tension water surface increases the incidence of light and improves the photosynthesis. The appliance can be used with any suction filter of 50 - 1500 l/h. There is an automatic level adjustment of up to 60 mm. When feeding the fish, the suction effect at the water surface can be cut off.

    The OFA water surface extractor is available in 4 versions:

    OFA Standard:
    The OFA Standard comes with the adjusting bar and the piston permanently connected. To be used in open tanks with water level from 20 to 40 cm.

    OFA Komfort:
    On the OFA Komfort, the adjuting bar can be detached after the adjustment. To be used in open tanks or tanks with cover. Water level from 20 cm up to 40 cm.

    OFA Teleskop:
    The OFA Teleskop has a telescopic main tube, the adjusting bar can be detached. To be used for tanks of more than 50 cm depth, with or without cover.

    OFA Komfort long:
    On the OFA Komfort long, the adjuting bar can be detached after the adjustment. To be used in open tanks or tanks with cover. Water level up to 50 cm.

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    at 07.03.2016:
    der Absauger funktioniert einwandfrei.
    Die Zähne des Absaugrechen erfordern besondere Aufmerksamkeit, da sie etwas empfindlich sind und leicht abbrechen können.
    Ich würde den Absauger wieder kaufen.

    at 13.12.2016:
    Das Orginal nichts dran auszusetzen ähnliche Produkte sehen recht gleich aus kommen aber an die Leistung des Gerätes kaum heran wenn sie überhaupt funktionieren besten Dank auch an das Aquristik Shop Team wie immer eine schnelle Lieferung.