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EHEIM Quick Vac pro Sludge extractor

EHEIM Quick Vac pro Sludge extractor

  • The EHEIM Quick Vac pro Sludge extractor is an automaic gravel cleaner for fresh and marine water aquariums. The gravel cleaner is battery operated -usable anywhere (batteries included).

    + easy and safe to use (no power cables
    + fully submersible with watertight on/of switch for use with all shapes and sizes of aquarium
    + Suction power specially designed to pick up dirt particles without excessively disturbing gravel
    + super fine filter sieve captures even the smallest dirt particles while letting water back into your aquarium
    + filter cartridge is easy to detach and clean.

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    EHEIM Sealing ring 3531 EHEIM Suction nozzle 3531 EHEIM Extension nozzle 3531 EHEIM Upper cover 3531 EHEIM Lower cover 3531 EHEIM Complete cover 3531 EHEIM Filter element complete 3531 EHEIM Sludge extractor 3531
  • Reviews for EHEIM Quick Vac pro Sludge extractor:
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    at 04.12.2015:
    I have been using the Eheim extractor for few years now, it does exelent job in removing sludge, easy to work with, it's use of batteries is fairly good, easy to clean.
    Must have item for keeping your tank clean.
    Cons: price

    at 27.02.2016:
    It is so wonderful and exciting device! I use it with accumulators too. However, without extension nozzle. As nozzle I use the piece of pipe. Therefore, it looks like as vacuum cleaner, but in water. It's easily cleaning the bottom of aquarium with my turtle. Dignity: price - EHEIM is very expensive in Russia.

    at 09.06.2016:
    This one is perfect, it cleans the gravel very good while water stays inside. Another good one from Eheim.

    at 27.11.2016:
    The best vac item there is..
    Using it for few years.
    beats all other products by far.

    at 04.05.2017:
    Leider sehr schwache Leistung bin sehr enttäuscht