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Hobby Incubator

Hobby Incubator

Hobby Incubator

ensures the successful hatching of Artemia
  12.69 EUR 

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  • Hobby Incubator can be attained the safest type a good Artemien slip. First give two tee spoons of Artemix on a Incubator filling. The separation of the nauplies from the useless arrears takes place automatically. The egg shells remain hanging on the conical formed walls.

    The Hobby Incubator consists of:
    +1 incubator bottle
    +1 screw-in plug with air hose and pump adapter
    +1 cup
    +1 dose of Hobby Artemix (mixture of Artemia eggs and salt).

    The Hobby Incubator is designed for use with an air pump (not supplied). When obtaining the pump, note that a low-output unit is sufficient. The Hobby lncubator ensures the successful hatching of your brine-shrimp eggs !

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    at 20.01.2016:
    Essential for hatching brine shrimp ... it is great and very convenient