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JBL Koi Energil midi

JBL Koi Energil midi

JBL Koi Energil midi

winter food for smaller koi
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 1000 ml 12.81 EUR (12.81 /L) 

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  • JBL Koi Energil midi is a premium food for small to medium-sized koi at temperatures below 15C.

    + Grain size: 3 - 4 mm for koi fish 15 - 35 cm.
    + Sinking sticks, because koi withdraw into deeper water when temperatures drop
    + Vital for the prevention of typical spring diseases.
    + Dermatologically tested (to reduce the risk of allergies to our customers).
    + High energy content in the form of 10% fish oil with valuable omega 3 ensures survival of fish in the winter.

    Recommended feeding JBL Koi Energil midi:
    As soon as the ice layer disappears in the spring, begin fedding very small amounts and gradually increase until the temperatures reaches 15C. When temperatures start dropping below 15C in the autumn, gradually decrease the amount of food until the pond freezes. Determine the correct amounts of food based on experience. The following can serve as guideline: at 15-10C, feed once daily with as much as is eaten within 10 min. Below 10C, feed once to twice a week with as much as was eaten within 10 min, at 15C. At temperatures over 15C, feed your koi fish with the premium food, JBL Koi midi.

    Vitamins (per 1000 g):
    Vitamin A: 25,000 i.E.
    Vitamin D3: 2,000 i.E.
    Vitamin E: 300 mg
    Vitamin C: 400 mg

    Analytical composition:
    Protein: 19%
    Fat content: 14%
    Raw fibre: 1.5%
    Crude ash: 6%

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