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basic water care for garden ponds
from 12.54 €*
JBL StabiloPond Basis
pH and KH stabiliser for garden ponds
from 12.54 €*
JBL StabiloPond KH
Prevents algae problems
from 18.04 €*
JBL PhosEx Pond Filter
algae prevention in garden ponds
from 14.24 €*
JBL PhosEx Pond Direct

Effectively breaks down pond mud
from 8.29 €*
JBL SediEx Pond
biological garden pond cleaner
from 11.72 €*
JBL BactoPond
eliminates water discolouration
from 11.54 €*
JBL CleroPond
Active concentrate for clear, natural pond water
from 15.29 €*
Dennerle ClearWater PondBacteria FB3

to degrade organic sludge and foliage
from 15.29 €*
Dennerle PondSludge Degrading Aid FB4
acts on six fronts to revitalise the water
from 9.95 €*
Dennerle SuperPond
Oxygen - the elixir of life
4.19 €*
Dennerle Oxygen ActivTabs
für Gesundheit und Farbenpracht
8.49 €*
Dennerle Fisch-Fit Mineral 400 g

prevention against algae
from 15.29 €*
Dennerle Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex
against green pond water
from 15.29 €*
Dennerle Green Water Clearer
immediately effective against thread algae
from 15.29 €*
Dennerle ThreadAlgaeKill Rapid
bacteria starter for garden ponds
11.54 €*
JBL FilterStart Pond

growth booster for all pond plants
4.19 €*
Dennerle WaterLily FertilizerBalls
pH/KH fast test for ponds
9.02 €*
JBL PondCheck Pond Water Test
test kit for Koi proffesionals
90.20 €*
JBL Testlab Koi
phosphate test for Koi ponds
12.45 €*
JBL PO4 Phosphate Test Kit Koi