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treatment for Discus and other Cichlids
Manufacturer: eSHa Link

Description for eSHa HEXAMITA:

eSHa Hexamita is a unique treatment that combats disease in Discus and other Cichilds.
- Effectively treats Hole in the head disease.
- Effectively treats other bacterial and fungal infections.
- Prevents disease in newly acquired stock.
- Protects fish from secondary infections.
Hexamita can also be used in conjunction with eSHa EXIT Anti-Whitespot Treatment to solve and prevent most diseases your Discus and Cichilds will encounter.

Dosage eSHa HEXAMITA:1. day: 25 drops on 100 l water
2. day 12 drops on 100 l water
3. day 12 drop on 100 l water
20 ml are sufficient for 800 litres of water.

Price information  
20 ml  6.25 EUR  buy now >>>
(312.50 €/L) 
180 ml  52.00 EUR  buy now >>>
(288.89 €/L) 
500 ml  119.90 EUR  buy now >>>
(239.80 €/L) 
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