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AQUAEL Easy-Heater

AQUAEL Easy-Heater

AQUAEL Easy-Heater

temperature range 18-36°C
 25 W 21.49 EUR 
 50 W 21.95 EUR 
 75 W 21.95 EUR 
 100 W 23.29 EUR 
 150 W 26.79 EUR 

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  • The AQUAEL Easy-Heater is a modern plastic heater with termoregulation. Exceptionally resistant to mechanical damage. Ist flat shape allows for unhindered installation on any aquarium wall. It can also operate installed horizontally and fully submerged– ideal solution for aquaterrariums with turtles. Absolutely unbreakable and with increased temperature range up to 36°C.

    + wide range of precise regulation
    + fully submersible (IP68 standard)
    + very small size (9 mm thickness)
    + lenght: 16 cm (100+150 W = 20 cm)
    + double hanger
    + safe for fish (no burn)
    + overheating switch control
    + easy to install and service
    + available in 25, 50,75, 100 and 150 W

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    at 02.09.2015:
    Für mich sind die Heizer von Aquael die besten, zuverlässig, robust und klein (was für mich wichtig ist). Immer wieder gern.