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EHEIM Jäger Aquarium adjustable Heater

EHEIM Jäger Aquarium adjustable Heater

EHEIM Jäger Aquarium adjustable Heater

adjustable heater for fresh and sea water
 25 W 16.95 EUR 
 50 W 16.95 EUR 
 75 W 16.95 EUR 
 100 W 19.90 EUR 
 125 W 19.90 EUR 
 150 W 19.90 EUR 
 200 W 21.95 EUR 
 250 W 21.95 EUR 
 300 W 21.95 EUR 

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  • The EHEIM Jäger Aquarium adjustable heater is an ultra-modern unit for the automatically heating of fresh and sea water aquaria. This heater is the first choice by aquarium people all over the world. Quality and security are a class of ist own.

    The EHEIM Jäger Aquarium Heater has a temperature adjustment scale ranging from 18°C to 34°C. The thermostat is designed to permit external resetting of the temperature. A control light shows whether the unit is warming up under thermostatic control or has been turned off by it. The EHEIM Jäger Aquarium Adjustable Heater is made of tough special glass (SCHOTT Duran laboratory glass) and suitable for both fresh and sea water. Therefore, it is free from pollutants, which could seep into the water. It is resistant to chemical and biological substances. It does not have any fissures and hair cracks, which condensation water can penetrate. And it is shatter-proof i.e. resistant to cold water shock, which can occur during maintenance or sudden water level changes. The heater can be fully immersed. The power supply cable with Europlug is 170 cm long. An inbuilt safety device prevents the unit being damaged by running dry as well as preventing the glass tube bursting. A dual-suction-pad holder for securing the unit to the glass tank wall is included. New model !

    Technical data EHEIM Jäger Aquarium Heater:
    - Power 220-240 V (please ask for other voltages)
    - Temperature range from 18°C to 34°C adjustable
    - readjustable +/- 2 °C
    - Control accuracy: +/- 0,5°C
    - Running dry protection
    - Diameter: 36 mm
    - Housing made from special glass (SCHOTT DURAN Laboratory glass)
    - for use in fresh and salt water aquaria
    - Cable length: 170 cm
    - 3 years warranty

    The following models are available:
    - 25 W for Aquaria from 20 up to 25 l, Total length: 243 mm
    - 50 W for Aquaria from 25 up to 60 l, Total length: 243 mm
    - 75 W for Aquaria from 60 up to 100 l, Total length: 270 mm
    - 100 W for Aquaria from 100 up to 150 l, Total length: 319 mm
    - 125 W for Aquaria from 150 up to 200 l, Total length: 319 mm
    - 150 W for Aquaria from 200 up to 300 l, Total length: 345 mm
    - 200 W for Aquaria from 300 up to 400 l, Total length: 406 mm
    - 250 W for Aquaria from 400 up to 600 l, Total length: 452 mm
    - 300 W for Aquaria from 600 up to 1000 l, Total length: 506 mm

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  • Reviews for EHEIM Jäger Aquarium adjustable Heater:
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    at 30.10.2015:
    The best heater available in the market...
    1 x 300W Eheim heater is working on my 750L marine without any issues.

    Saves money + saves electricity + long lasting.

    at 21.03.2016:
    ich habe 100 watt Modell gekauft. läuft immer problemlos. preis für den heizer finde ich mal akzeptabel.

    at 25.04.2016:
    I have two 100w and one 300w running in different tanks. The 300w broke recently however when doing a water change and wasn't fully submerged. These are excellent heaters,however,I recommend the JBL heaters also as they have a run dry protection and also have plastic covering over the heater to prevent damage or burning fish.

    at 25.07.2016:
    tengo uno de estos en cada uno de mis 4 acuarios y estoy muy satisfecho con su rendimiento

    at 24.10.2016:
    Alles in allem ein gutes Gerät Eheim Jäger halt was mich persönlich etwas nervt ist die fein Einstellung nicht präziese genug,wenn man Pech hat verstellt sich das Termostat da es analog mechanisch Bimetall und nicht elektronisch ist, für den Preis und dazu in Deutschland hergestellt in Ordnung.

    at 10.03.2017:
    Impossible to ajust at desired teperature. Red has only four clicks on the left and four clicks on the right side. I measure the temperature of my aquarium, I put the red ring at measured temperature of the water and then the blue ring I set on the desired temperature. Lamp is lit and the heating goes endlesly. I try to calibrate again, i find it is impossible becouse the red ring have only four clicks at a side. That means I have to ajust the blue ring on 22 celsius degrees to get 26 celsius in the water. Very annoying. This heater realy sucks. I can't understand why you have an option to calibrate when you can't calibrate it at desired temperature at all?

    at 08.05.2017:
    The best heater i have ever owned, i have 4 and all works perfect out of the box ;)

    at 26.06.2017: