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Aqua Medic miniflotor 2in1 long & short

Aqua Medic miniflotor 2in1 long & short

Aqua Medic miniflotor 2in1 long & short

air- driven, with two tubes, for aquaria up to 200 l
  35.90 EUR 

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  • The Aqua Medic miniflotor 2in1 long & short is a small but powerful air-driven internal protein skimmer for aquaria up to 200 litres content. It is characterized by the double reaction pipe that makes it a real counter flow skimmer. The air bubbles rise in the inner pipe. Like an air lift, they take a high volume of water with them. This water is forced to flow downwards in the outer pipe. The air bubbles follow the water stream downwards until they reach the expansion cone. At this point, the air bubbles turn and rise in the counter-current upwards. This ensures a very high detention time of bubbles in the water. The outer reaction tube is replaceable. A second shorter reaction tube is included in shipment. A lime wood air diffuser producing very fine air bubbles is also included. The Miniflotor is supplied with a strong holding plate that allows a secure fixing of the skimmer at the tank’s wall. The holding system allows to move the skimmer up and down and to adjust the foam building zone correctly. For the air supply, we recommend the Mistral 200 membrane air pump (not included).

    technical data Aqua Medic miniflotor 2in1 long & short:
    - diameter approx. 5 cm
    - length with long tube app. 45 cm
    - length with short tube app. 32 cm
    - total width: app. 15 cm
    - Immersion depth: long tube app. 33 cm, short tube app. 20 cm
    - more efficiently in combination with an ozone generator

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