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Aquatlantis Easy LED Control 1 Plus

Aquatlantis Easy LED Control 1 Plus

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  • Aquatlantis Easy LED Control 1 Plus to control the Easy LED light units. With the Aquatlantis Easy LED Control simply you can control your Easy LED light. You can set up up to two different programs.

    Aquatlantis Easy LED Control 1 Plus:
    + Simple user interface
    + compact design for easy mounting
    + one channel fade-in and fade-out with two independent programs (dawn to dusk simulation)
    + uses a real time clock for accurate timing
    + internal battery saves the settings
    + simple installation and programming
    + with mounting pad
    + new function: adjustable light intensity

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  • Reviews for Aquatlantis Easy LED Control 1 Plus:
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    at 17.12.2015:
    This is a MUST buy for Aquatlantis LEDs, Really brings up the new era of aquarium hobby and rises it to next level. Of course it is a just a dimmer, but when it dimms and lights up the LEDs, it attracts everyone on site to watch fishes reaction for happening :D I Love it <3

    at 31.12.2015:
    I bought this item including the lights about 6 months ago & it is great. So easy to use works on a timer & the lighting is excellent. It is pricey but well worth the investment. Any negatives absolutely none & aquaristik are excellent to deal with. Look forward to my next purchase.

    at 25.08.2016:
    Bought this item after reading reviews, only had it a day and I am very pleased. My fish are calm when the lights come on dimmed, it takes about 1 hour for them to get up to 100%. No more darting around in a panic. I would recommend getting the ext cable as the cable on the unit is a bit short and your limited to where you can secure it.

    at 01.12.2016:
    Sehr schöner Effekt des Auf- und Abblendens der Leuchten als Simulation des Sonnenauf- und -untergangs und praktische Funktion des Dimmens der Leuchten über den gesamten Verlauf der Leuchtzeit. Das Gerät lässt sich sehr einfach einstellen und zwischen Trafo und Leuchte der Aqualantis LED mit den Steckern installieren.

    at 20.02.2017:
    The product is ok in the sense that it is really nice to be able to switch off and on lamps gradually, however the effect doesn't last one hour like declared, even if lamp intensity is set to reach 110%