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Bre▀lein Alu-double-lamp electronically

Bre▀lein Alu-double-lamp electronically
 2x18 watts 119.90 EUR 
 2x30 watts 125.90 EUR 
 2x36 watts 129.90 EUR 
 2x38 watts 129.90 EUR 
 2x58 watts 138.90 EUR 

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  • Complete, water resistant fluorescent lamp with electronic fluorescent lamp ballasts. For the use as spare part, or to the self's building of aquarium or terrarium lamp. The electronic ballast saves approx. 30% energy and increase the lifetime of the fluorescent lamps. The lamp comes completely with cable but without any fluorescent tubes. For two fluorescent tubes of the indicated watts. Please select the desired model below.

    Dimensions: (lenght x weidth)
    2x15 Watt - 520 x 160 mm
    2x18 Watt - 670 x 160 mm
    2x30 Watt - 975 x 160 mm
    2x36 Watt - 1280 x 160 mm
    2x38 Watt - 1130 x 160 mm
    2x58 Watt - 1590 x 160 mm

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