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Bre▀lein T5 double lamp

Bre▀lein T5 double lamp

Bre▀lein T5 double lamp

FQ = more light !
 2x24 watts 108.90 EUR 
 2x39 watts 113.95 EUR 
 2x54 watts 120.90 EUR 
 2x80 watts 165.90 EUR 

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  • The new Bre▀lein T5 lamps are water proof with FQ-System for the new T5 fluorescent tubes from Osram. The FQ stands for fluorescent QUINTRON and this gives more light with shorter lenght. The lamps with electronically balast (ECG) makes the tubes does not flare when power on an gives more economy. The life time of the tubes are longer.

    2x24 watts - 590 mm
    2x39 watts - 890 mm
    2x54 watts - 1190 mm
    2x80 watts - 1490 mm

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    at 27.01.2016:
    Great to use in homemade aquarium lighting systems.
    Absolutely waterproof and made out of quality materials.