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TetraMin Holiday

TetraMin Holiday

TetraMin Holiday

Holiday food for up to 14 days
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 30 g 2.95 EUR (9.83 €/100 g) 

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  • TetraMin Holiday is a healthy nutrition for all ornamental fish. TetraMin Holiday contains the patented formula contining tasty Daphnia, essential vitamines, trace elements and minerals. With the singularly BioActive formula for healthy fish. The aquarium water does not become cloudy and the food is easy to dosage. Place the needed number of TetraMin Holiday food blocks in your aquarium. The needed quantity depends on the size of the aquarium, the number of fishes and the number of vacation days. One food block is sufficiently for one aquarium (approx. 60 l) with 5-15 fisches (3 - 6 cm fish length) over an period of 14 days.

    Crude protein: 3 %
    Crude fat: 0.1 %
    Crude fibre: 1.5 %
    Crude ash: 5 %
    Water: 90 %

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  • Reviews for TetraMin Holiday:
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    at 02.06.2016:
    Sehr gutes Ferienfutter,

    kann ich bedenkenlos weiter Empfehlen.

    Ich habe 14 Fische (6 Neons, 3 Algenfresser, 5 Guppies) und da reicht eine Einheit fast 3 Wochen.

    Man kann also bedenkenlos in den Urlaub fahren.

    at 11.09.2016:
    very good holiday food i left this food in 5 my akvarium for 9 days and after small holiday all my fish ok .