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Welcome at the Aquaristikshop !

We supply equipment from the leading manufacturers like Aquarium LED Lighting, Filters, Pumps, Fish Food & Medications and many other quality products. Our aquarium shop has just everything for your fresh or sea water aquarium! Since 1998 we have been delivering aquatic supplies as a retailer fast and reliably worldwide. We have more than 100,000 satisfied customers all over the world.

++++NEW JBL CristalProfi e-Series 02 greenline NEW+++++

The new JBL external filters CristalProfi greenline for aquariums from 40 up to 800 litres have a very new prefilter inside. This new prefilter has an up to 100% larger prefilter area compared to the previous models. JBL CristalProfi greenline filters are energy saving filters with extended service intervals.
++++NEW JBL CristalProfi e-Series 02 greenline NEW+++++

now available: EHEIM LEDControl for PowerLED+

Now available: the EHEIM LEDcontrol for the EHEIM PowerLED+. You can create your own light scenarios or use one of the preconfigured programmes. Connect more than one LED using the Y cable (up to 180 W). Controller with 5 channels. USB card with preconfigured programmes and PC software is included.
now available: EHEIM LEDControl for PowerLED+

+++NEW EHEIM classicLED+++

The new EHEIM classic LED are ideally for the replacement of T5 or T8 fluorescent bulbs. The LED can be individually mounted in an existing fluorescent lighting or on the aquarium frame. The EHEIM classic LED are from a high efficiency with a very low energy consumption and y long lifetime of the LED with a average of 35,000 operating hours. With light temperature of 6500 K, the EHEIM classicLED are suitable for all freshwater aquariums.
+++NEW EHEIM classicLED+++

Fluval FLEX Complete Aquarium Set

Fluval complete aquarium set with 34 l volume and curved fron glass. The Fluval Flex comes with a remote control for the LED light. With this remote control you have the possibility to change the coloures and set special effects, like clouds or thunderstorms. The integrated 3-stage-filter system ensures clear and healthy aquarium water.
Fluval FLEX Complete Aquarium Set

New articles

LED Aquarium Lighting

The switch to LED Lighting can save energy and cash. You can simulate sunrises and sunsets in your aquarium with high efficiency LED bulbs or you can change the color spectrum of your aquarium lighting.
We offer a wide range of quality products for LED Aquarium Lighting like LED bulbs, accessories and LED controlling.

Top articles

EHEIM professionel 4+ 600
Ready to use premium aquarium filter with Xtender (emergency button) for aquariums from 240 to 600 l.
209.90 €
Salifert Flatworm eXit
effective fight against flatworms in marine water aquariums
9.95 €
Tetra Min Staple Food 2x1000 ml
special offer: 2x TetraMin 1000 ml. Tetra Min is the mostly buyed aquarium fish food in Germany since many years. Feeding all your aquarium fish with Tetra Min. For a good growth and fantastic colors.
14.95 €
Tetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner 2x500 ml
special offer: 2x Tetra AquaSafe 500 ml. Tetra AquaSafe is the unique water care and helpful for any water change or durin new setup of an aquarium. Tetra AquaSafe binds harmful substances and makes tap water to aquarium water.
14.95 €
Sera vipan Staple Food 2x1000 ml
special offer: 2x sera vipan 1000 ml. sera vipan staple food for all ornamental fish. sera vipan contains carefully selected ingredients with prebiotic effect enhance health and liveliness.
12.99 €
JBL ProScan Multi Water-Analysis
With the JBL ProScan you can check your aquarium water using your smartphone.
18.95 €
Easy-Life 25 Root Sticks -Root Fertilizer-
5.95 €
Aquatlantis Easy LED Control 2 Plus
61.95 €
Salifert Profi-Test Org -Organics-
11.49 €