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Color quartz aquarium gravel -Black- 2-3 mm

Manufacturer: Happy-Diskus Link

Description for Color quartz aquarium gravel -Black- 2-3 mm:

This aquarium gravel has been dyed in a patented special treatment. The resulting coloured gravel is physiologically harmless and suitable for use in freshwater and seawater. The colouring pigments are bonded to the gravel resistant to abrasion.

Color quartz aquarium gravel in the colour -Black-
Grain size: 2-3 mm
Please choose the required package size:
5 kg
25 kg

Farbquarz-Aquarienkies -Schwarz- 2-3 mm
Price information  
5 kg  7.29 EUR  buy now >>>
(1.46 €/kg) 
25 kg  32.90 EUR  buy now >>>
(1.32 €/kg) 
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