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Sera Vipachips

For any fish of the lower water levels
Manufacturer: Sera Link

Description for Sera Vipachips:

sera Vipachips is a balanced sole food for any fish that takes up the food in the area near the ground of the aquarium or by scraping off algae. The gentle treatment of chosen ingredients and the soft structure make sera vipachips a high quality fish food. sera vipachips remain stable for a very long time in the aquarium so that only a low amount of food residue polluting the water is released into the water.

Recommendation for feeding:
Feed sparingly once a day, depending on the stock of fish.

Sera Vipachips
Price information  
100 ml  2.99 EUR 
(29.90 €/L) 
250 ml  5.99 EUR 
(23.96 €/L) 
1000 ml  12.75 EUR 
(12.75 €/L) 
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