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chips for rasping Ancistrus and plecos
from 3.15 €*
Sera Catfish-Chips Nature
granulate staple food for ornamental fish
from 2.69 €*
Sera Vipagran Nature
Staple food chips with 4% insect meal
from 2.99 €*
sera Vipachips Nature
Food tablets for catfish and loaches
from 2.79 €*
Sera Viformo Nature

staple food for all ornamental fish
12.99 €*
Sera Vipan Nature Staple Food 2x1000 ml
natural herbal food without dyes and preservatives
from 2.99 €*
sera Flora Nature
adhesive tablet with 7% krill for healthy variety
from 2.39 €*
Sera O-Nip Nature
for plankton-eating fish and invertebrates
from 5.19 €*
Sera plankton Tabs Nature

Spirulina food tablettes
from 2.19 €*
sera Spirulina Tabs Nature
Basic food sticks for larger cichlids
from 4.45 €*
sera Cichlids Sticks Nature
liquid multi-vitamin-preparation
from 5.29 €*
Sera Fishtamin
freeze dryed food
from 3.19 €*
Sera FD Bloodworms

staple food with 10% spirulina for larger herbivorous
from 12.49 €*
sera Cichlid Green XL Nature
staple food for large carnivores
from 12.49 €*
sera Cichlid Red XL Nature
natural color food without dyes and preservatives
from 2.99 €*
sera San Nature
natural treat without dyes and preservatives
from 2.89 €*
sera GVG-Mix Nature

goldfish food without dyes and preservatives
from 1.95 €*
sera Goldy Nature
Bottom & attaching tablets for bigger catfish
from 9.39 €*
sera Wels-Tabs XXL Nature
Color Food for all discus fish
from 7.69 €*
sera Discus Color Nature
Growth food for discus with probiotics
from 3.89 €*
sera Discus ImmunPro Nature

naturally staple food for all discus fish
from 3.49 €*
sera Discus Granules Nature
well-balanced universal flake food
from 8.69 €*
sera Vipan Nature Large Flake
complete feed for all cichlids
from 3.49 €*
Sera granugreen Nature
Staple food for smaller carnivorous cichlids
from 3.49 €*
sera Granured Nature

the balanced basis for terrapins
from 2.19 €*
sera Raffy P Nature
Appropriate variation for terrapins
from 1.85 €*
sera Raffy I Nature
special snack for terrapins
from 9.49 €*
sera Raffy Royal Nature
complementary feed for all terrapins
from 3.59 €*
sera Raffy Mineral

Tasty herb variety for herbivorous reptiles
from 3.29 €*
sera Raffy Vital Nature
rearing food for small terrapins
3.29 €*
sera Raffy Baby-Gran Nature
tasty morsels for all saltwater fish
from 5.69 €*
Sera GVG-mix marin
for typical feeding of all sea water fish
from 6.25 €*
Sera marin granulat (granumarin)

the granola for carnivorous fish
4.75 €*
Sera FD Mixpur 100 ml
freeze dryed food
from 3.19 €*
Sera FD Tubifex
freeze dryed food
2.99 €*
Sera FD Daphnien 100 ml
freeze dryed food
from 4.25 €*
Sera FD Artemia Shrimps

freeze dryed food
from 4.79 €*
Sera FD Krill
liquid food for invertebrates
8.99 €*
Sera Coraliquid 250 ml
main food for crabs
2.89 €*
Sera Crabs Natural 100 ml
main food for shrimps
2.89 €*
Sera  Shrimps Natural 100 ml

Veggie food with slowly sinking soft granules
from 3.19 €*
Sera Guppy Gran Nature
probiotic food with 50% protein content
from 3.29 €*
Sera Immun Pro Nature Breeder Food
probiotic food with 50% protein content
from 3.29 €*
Sera Immun Pro mini Nature Breeder Food
natural staple food without dyes and preservatives
from 2.49 €*
sera Vipan Nature

Finely powdered growth food for all young fish of egglaying species
3.39 €*
sera Micron Nature
Micro flakes for juvenile fish
from 2.25 €*
sera Vipan Baby Nature
Micro soft granules for fry with 4% insect meal
from 2.59 €*
Sera vipagran baby Nature
Weekend and holiday food
3.35 €*
Sera Holiday 10 tabs

Fine granules with natural astaxanthin for Betta
from 2.29 €*
sera Bettagran Nature
Insect food with 100% protein from a sustainable source
from 2.89 €*
sera Insect Nature
chips adhesives wth 60% Daohnia
from 4.29 €*
Sera Daphnia Snack Professional
available soon
a vegetable flake food
from 2.55 €*
Sera flora
available soon

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