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with essential plant fibres
from 6.49 €*
JBL NovoFect
Tubifex- cubes
from 3.95 €*
JBL NovoFex
for cichlides from the east african lakes
from 5.49 €*
JBL NovoRift
for plant-nibbling suckermouth catfish
from 4.69 €*
JBL NovoPleco Chips

for large Plecos
from 8.89 €*
JBL Novo Pleco XL
for algae eating cichlids
from 5.69 €*
JBL Novo Malawi
for predatory cichlids
from 5.89 €*
JBL Novo Tanganjika
main food for all ornamental fish with multivitamincomplex
from 2.75 €*
JBL NovoBel

suitbale für 1 l dose
5.95 €*
JBL NovoBel Refill pack
stick to the inside glass
from 6.59 €*
JBL NovoTab
staple food for betta
3.89 €*
JBL NovoBetta
staple food for guppies and other live bearing fish
from 3.79 €*
JBL NovoGuppy

for algae-eating fish
from 3.79 €*
JBL Spirulina
high-quality staple food with 20% zooplankton
from 3.89 €*
JBL Gala
staple food for diskus and other fastidious fishes
from 10.95 €*
JBL Grana Discus
with 10% Krill
from 5.89 €*
JBL Grana Cichlid

main fodder granulates
from 5.79 €*
JBL Grana
Holiday Aquarium fish food
2.49 €*
JBL Holiday
liquid raising food
5.89 €*
JBL NobilFluid Artemia
main food for all smaller ornamental fish
3.19 €*
JBL NovoBea

dust-fine main food fry of live-bearers
5.89 €*
JBL NovoTom Artemia
with 65% vegetable ingredients
from 3.19 €*
JBL NovoVert
weekend aquarium fish food
2.49 €*
JBL Weekend 4 food stones
ideal supplement food
from 6.79 €*
JBL NovoFil blood worms

Artemia Shrimps
from 4.89 €*
JBL Novo Artemio
for neon tetras & other small characins
from 1.99 €*
JBL ProNovo Neon Grano XXS
for all small barbs & danionins
from 1.99 €*
JBL ProNovo Danio Grano XS
flakes for guppies & other livebearers
from 3.79 €*
JBL ProNovo Guppy Flakes S

granules for guppies & other livebearers
from 5.29 €*
JBL ProNovo Guppy Grano S
food flakes in size S for fighting fish
from 1.59 €*
JBL ProNovo Betta Flakes S
food granules in size S for fighting fish
from 1.95 €*
JBL ProNovo Betta Grano S
food sticks in size S for fighting fish
from 1.95 €*
JBL ProNovo Betta Insect Stick S

for all gouramis and other labyrinth fish
8.95 €*
JBL ProNovo Gourami Grano S
granulated aquarium staple food for killifish
5.39 €*
JBL ProNovo Killifish Grano S
food sticks in size S for all aquarium fish
from 1.95 €*
JBL ProNovo Insect Sticks S
food tablets for all aquarium fish
from 6.29 €*
JBL ProNovo Tab M

food tablets for all loaches
from 6.29 €*
JBL ProNovo Botia Tab M
tablets with wood content for herbivorous sucker catfish
from 4.49 €*
JBL ProNovo Pleco Wafer M
tablets with wood content for herbivorous sucker catfish
from 8.49 €*
JBL ProNovo Pleco Wafer XL
granulated aquarium main food for shrimps
from 4.59 €*
JBL ProNovo Shrimps Grano S

wafers for crabs, crayfish and coral shrimps
from 4.59 €*
JBL ProNovo Crabs Wafer M
for the nutrition of sea fish
from 9.79 €*
JBL MariPearls
for marine fish with 30% krill flakes
5.89 €*
premium tablets for ornamental fish
from 9.79 €*

food for crustaceans
from 4.59 €*
JBL NovoCrabs
food pearls for prawn
from 4.59 €*
JBL NovoPrawn
100 % natural food
from 6.59 €*
JBL PlanktonPur S
100 % natural food
from 6.59 €*
JBL PlanktonPur M

staple food for smaller Axolotl
5.89 €*
JBL Novo Lotl M
staple food for larger Axolotl
5.89 €*
JBL Novo Lotl XL
with click-doser - easy to dispense
from 5.89 €*
JBL Novo GranoVert mini
with click-doser
from 9.29 €*
JBL Novo GranoMix

with click-doser
from 5.79 €*
JBL Novo GranoMix mini
with click-doser
from 9.95 €*
JBL Novo GranoColor
with click-doser
from 6.19 €*
JBL Novo GranoColor mini
Food sticks with Multivitamincomplex
from 4.89 €*
JBL NovoStick M

Baby food set for fry of live-beares
5.79 €*
JBL NovoBaby 3x 10 ml
main food for veil tails and other gold pisciculture forms
from 4.59 €*
JBL GoldPearls
Holiday fod for goldfish
2.39 €*
JBL Holiday Red
for large cichlids
from 14.79 €*
JBL NovoStick XL

very fine granulate for fish from 1-3 cm
5.95 €*
JBL Novo GranoMix XXS
Multivitamins for aquarium fish
7.59 €*
JBL Atvitol
small granulate for fish from 3-5 cm
5.39 €*
JBL Novo GranoMix XS
supplement food with 20% Krill
from 3.89 €*
JBL Krill

supplement food Daphnien
3.89 €*
JBL NovoDaph
natural colour enhancing effect
from 3.29 €*
JBL NovoColor
treats for prawn and dwarf cryfish
4.75 €*
JBL Nano Tabs
staple food for mini fish
2.75 €*
JBL Nano Bel

main food in perl form for gold fish
from 2.69 €*
JBL NovoPearl
liquid food for marine invertebrates
from 20.85 €*
JBL KorallFluid
main food for all greater ornamental fish
from 11.89 €*
JBL NovoGrand great flakes

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