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JBL Atvitol

JBL Atvitol

JBL Atvitol

Multivitamins for aquarium fish
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 50 ml 7.39 EUR (14.78 €/100 ml) 

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  • JBL Atvitol helps to maintain the health of the small biotope of the aquarium with vital vitamins and bioelements. JBL Atvitol protects fish against deficiency diseases, enhances the brilliance of colours, encourages spawning, increases appetite and promotes growth. The addition of JBL Atvitol to aquarium water provides the microorganisms necessary for the breakdown of biological pollutants with vital active substances. This provides the best conditions for biological filtering.

    A special emulsion process using lecithin increases the length of time that all the vitamins in JBL Atvitol remain stable in water and fully available.

    As feed supplement: add 2-4 drops daily on feed or frozen feed
    As an additive to aquarium water: add 2 drops daily per 20 l of water.

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    at 14.06.2016:
    Great help for my friends. Suggest. Maurizio

    at 23.04.2017:
    Vitamins needed to keep your fish in perfect health. Good buy