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TetraMedica Fungi Stop

effective product against fungal infections
Manufacturer: Tetra Link

Description for TetraMedica Fungi Stop:

TetraMedica Fungi Stop is a effective medicinal product for combating Achlya and Saprolegnia fungal infections, bacterial mucous membrane infections and as a preventive measure for wounds in tropical ornamental fish. Fields of application: white cotton wool-like coating, fungus-like structures on the skin, infected wounds, skin inflammations. The mode of action of TetraMedica FungiStop is based on a principle of optimised active ingredients, which guarantees the targeted treatment of external infections by fungi and bacteria and which promotes the healing of wounds. TetraMedica FungiStop eliminates the source of fungal infection and reliably disinfects the aquarium water. It is necessary to apply the normal dosage to prevent the spawn from becoming infected.

Dosage for TetraMedica FungiStop:
Treatment last 5 days, beginning with a single dosage on day 1. The medication is effective over the following 4 days. After the treatment cycle the water should be filtered through active coal for 24 hours. After filtering, a further dosage can be applied.
In set-up aquaria: Normal dosage: 5 ml per 20 l
With severe clinical picture: 5 ml per 10 l
In quarantine tanks: 5 ml per 20 l (without biologically active filter and settings)

TetraMedica Fungi Stop
Price information  
100 ml  4.29 EUR 
(42.90 €/L) 
500 ml  15.79 EUR 
(31.58 €/L) 
All prices including german VAT. plus Shipping costs
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