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Tetra Pleco Tablets

Tetra Pleco Tablets
Tetra Pleco Tablets
Greenstuff tablets
Price  (Grundpreis) 
 18 g  2.69 EUR  (14.94 €/100 g) 
 36 g  3.99 EUR  (11.08 €/100 g) 
 85 g  8.59 EUR  (10.11 €/100 g) 

All prices including german VAT. plus shipping costs

  • Tetra Pleco Tablets are greenstuff tablets containing a high proportion of spirulina algae.
    - ideally suited to the special nutritional requirements of herbivorous catfish and sucking loaches
    - become soft quickly and are therefore readily eaten by the fish
    - stabilised vitamin C increases resistance to disease, promotes healthy growth and prevents nutrition-related deficiency symptoms
    - promote vitality and health

    Recommended feeding for Tetra Pleco Tablets:
    Feed max. one PlecoMin tablet for each Wels a short time bevor the light is switching off.

    Crude protein: 40 %
    Crude fat: 5 %
    Crude fibre: 2.0 %
    Water: 9 %

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